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Syrian Womens' Economic & Social Development Initiative

Gerry Nishikawa, Volunteer Co-Founder

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Created by Volunteers in Metro Moncton, "the Economic and Social Development Initiative for Syrian Women (SWESDI) of Greater Moncton is a non-profit organization that supports the integration of Syrian women in our community. The aim is to encourage their full participation in economic, social and cultural aspects of our society.
Their goal is to help women grow and integrate by participating in projects and activities that have direct economic and social impacts on them and their families while developing their autonomy and entrepreneurial spirit.
The SWESDI work also with several government and community partners to provide the support and training needed for our new Monctonians" SWESDI Facebook Page.
The first exposure of Moncton to the Syrian women's culinary creations was hosted at an Eid Feast special event hosted at The Blue Olive.
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