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Saint John Internship Fund


Early-stage entrepreneurs and companies.

The Saint John Internship Fund is designed to help early-stage entrepreneurs & companies at pilot sites in Saint John employ Student (including SAP) Interns to assist with market validation, market research, business innovation & development within an experiential learning plan.


Funding for the Saint John Internship Fund has been provided through community donors to encourage provide youth with an opportunity to develop  innovation and entrepreneurship skills.

Available Funding

Up to $2000.

Who is Eligible?

Entrepreneurs & Companies at pilot sites within Saint John.

Note: Interns must not be an immediate family member of the employer (spouse, children, parents, brother, sister), nor can they be an officer or director of the organization or a member of their immediate families.

When Can I Apply?

Applications are open year-round.

Decisions are made on an on-going basis.

Applications will be reviewed on an on-going basis.
This program is available ONLY in selected pilot sites in Saint John which provide an experiential learning opportunity to Student Interns. Applicants must be able to demonstrate the learning objectives.
Companies may use this funding to pay minimum wage and vacation pay under the terms of this funding. Wages paid in excess of of this amount will be the responsibility of the company/entrepreneur. We strongly encourage all entrepreneurs to top up these wages with at least $2.00/hour.
Internships must be in accordance with all Provincial and Federal Acts and Regulations.
The internship cannot displace employees including those on layoff, vacation, parental or sick leave.
​​For successful applicants, when due diligence is complete, a Letter of Award and Terms & Conditions Contract will be issued. Note that proof of payment and report on the When the signed contract and a Direct Deposit Form have been provided to the PDC, arrangements will be made for issuance of the first installment. Generally, it will take 3 weeks for the first installment to be received.
How Do I Apply?

Applications are on-line.  For details on all funding programs, contact Heather Boyd-Kinnie, Funding Manager,

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