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Alex Kall, CEO; Taeler Dixon & Amy Colford, Co-Founders

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Website: ReadyPass

ReadyPass is the smart bus upgrade every transit agency deserves—and the first that any can access. We add real-time tracking, routing, electronic tickets and data analysis to make not just the buses, but the whole city run more smoothly. Smart transit shouldn’t be just for massive metropolises. We’re a small team based in a small city, working hard to make transit better for everyone.


We’ve combined purpose-designed hardware with advances in wireless payment technology to be able to easily scale to transit fleets of any size. We offer best-in-class ease of hardware installation, maintenance and replacement, making smart bus technology accessible to any transit agency.

Like so many, we've lived with opaque and confusing public transit for far too long. Our mission is to make riding the bus easier than driving a car. That means using advancing technology as a tool to enhance the service of existing public transit infrastructure, and removing barriers to the growth of public transit in North America.

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