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Policies-NouLAB Prototype Fund

This funding is specifically for NouLAB teams who have completed the Academy, or are in a Standing Lab, and is to be used for the purpose of prototyping  -exploring ideas & testing solutions to complex challenges
Eligible expenses may include:  
  • travel (gas, hotel, parking, meals) & meeting costs (venue/food) for a) team engagement & strategic meetings, b) carrying out research for the purpose of developing the prototype c) engaging with potential users/clients

  • hiring of expertise (under contract only) to connect with potential users/clients for the purpose of marketing, storytelling

  • accessing relevant surveys, studies, reports to inform prototyping

  • development of program material (s) or product(s) required to engage with potential users/clients

Team Leads
Funding for prototyping will be distributed through and managed by ONE team lead who will be the primary contact for communications.
Letter of Award
Funding will be subject to the Letter of Award which specifies the amount of the award, the installments, the term of the funding, and the approved eligible expenses.
Terms & Conditions
Funding will be subject to a Terms & Conditions contract which specifies the amount of the award, the installments, the term of the funding, the holdback and the requirements for funding recipients including provision of regular progress reports and receipts. Failure to provide reports on time and properly account for use of funds (including receipts) will result in delays and possible termination of funds. Please review the terms of your contract carefully.
Note: that in all cases, the PDC reserves the right to vary the payment installments in order to provide The Right Support at The Right Time. As an example, if you have not expended the funds that you have received in the time that you originally planned, and as a result, have significant funds remaining, we will not send the next installment until it is needed.
We are here to help and available at any time for questions, clarifications and for support. We are also pleased to work with you to discuss approved budget line items or an extension of your end date where appropriate. 
Total $ Available

Applicants are eligible for only one funding application per team for prototyping and up to a maximum amount of $5000.


Links to PDC Programs

NouLAB funding recipients are encouraged to participate in the Innovators' Jump Start Program.


NouLAB Applicants must reside in New Brunswick (subject to discretion of PDC Executive Board). We understand that in the case of NouLAB teams, there may some members who are resident outside the province. In the case of applicants which are corporations, the majority of shareholders must reside in the eligible province and the registered office must be in the eligible province. In the case of partnerships, the majority of partners and ownership must reside in the eligible provinces.


The PDC reserves the right to request proof of residency of applicants and to request and review incorporation and legal documents pertaining to the business structures of applicants at any time related to the purposes of our funding programs including verification of residency of applicants and/or partners/and or shareholders.


Time is of the essence: failure to provide documentation in a timely manner upon request will lead to disqualification of application or discontinuation of funding.


Funding recipients are required to bootstrap their operations in order to make the most efficient and effective use of awarded funds.


Funding recipients are required to provide interim and final progress reports (see Terms & Conditions). Failure to provide these updates in a timely fashion will result in delays in receipt of funding installments and may result in funding being terminated. As well, we require copies of all receipts for approved expenses.


For frequently asked questions on expectations with regard to expenses and reporting, click here:


Funding Program recipients (funding recipients/grantees, team members, & business partners) are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate and respectful manner with the PDC/NouLAB team, within their own teams, and within the community. Failure to do so may result in funding and support being withdrawn.

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