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Ignition Funding

Early-stage business model development.

Designed to help early-stage changemakers kick-start their validated idea into business model development and for mvp prototype development.


Early-stage market validation must have been completed.
Preliminary business model canvas will have been developed.

Please note:
This Ignition Fund is only available for  entrepreneurs who have previously received & successfully completed Catalyst Funding or PDC programming & is by invitation only.
Available Funding

Entrepreneurs & Companies (see highlighted note)

Up to $10,000.

Fail Forward Applicants

Up to $10,000.

For entrepreneurs and innovators who have experienced the failure of an idea or venture. If you are ready to do an overhaul or pivot, or have an entirely new idea and are passionate about building a sustainable business, we applaud you. We want to invest in courageous entrepreneurs like you, whose ideas, dreams or ventures have failed (usually at least 4-6 months previously), who have learned from the experience, and who are committed to starting over.

This funding cannot be used to rebuild the same business using the model which has failed or to simply for the purpose of restructuring a business to pay outstanding obligations.

Links to PDC Programs

Connections with B4Change Social Venture Accelerator & NouLAB.

For entrepreneurs who qualify for other PDC programs,  all or part of the Ignition Funding might be connected to acceptance and successful particpation in these programs.


Why? Because our goal is to provide support in order to build success, participation in appropriate PDC programming can help provide essential learning opportunities to work in concert with funding awards.

When Can I Apply?

Applications are open by invitation only.

Applications will be reviewed on an on-going basis by the PDC. Those applicants who have been short-listed will be contacted for an appointment to discuss next steps and preparation for a pitch presentation with our Funding Committee which will make the final decision on the funding application. (These meetings are generally convened within 1-2 months from notification).
Those who have not been short-listed, or who are not successful in receiving an award, will receive an email notification.
Once approved by the Funding Committee, successful applicants will be asked to submit proof of residency for the company/entrepreneur. When due diligence is completed, a Letter of Award and Terms & Conditions Contract will be issued. Once the signed contract and Direct Deposit Form have been provided to the PDC, arrangements will be made for issuance of the first installment. Generally, it will take 3 weeks for the first installment to be received.
Apply On-line
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