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The ChangeMaker Funding Program is NOT about the funding. While the funding helps early-stage entrepreneurs and innovators test ideas and build sustainable business models, this program is designed to help build success through providing on-going support and opportunities.

Do I qualify?

Do you have an idea to solve a real-world problem or issue with:

  • an innovative and disruptive technology or platform OR

  • an innovative product or service OR

  • an innovative approach or process OR

  • a socially innovative OR ‘tech meets social’ idea OR

  • something that has yet to be discovered or developed OR

  • any combination of the above

AND which will directly improve & impact the world, and the lives of people in it?


If so, you or your company could potentially be eligible for funding and support. Note: ChangeMaker support & funding will focus (with rare exceptions) on the following key priority areas: 1) Health Innovation including mental & physical health/wellness, medical services & health care; healthy aging (seniors); healthy living; accessibility; mobility 2) Immigration, newcomers & retention 3) Innovations for healthy, inclusive communities & poverty reduction 4) NouLAB Prototyping & Pilot.

Am I ready?

1. Have you discussed your idea with others and gotten feedback?
Don't underestimate the value of discussing "the what" of your idea with others to obtain valuable feedback (just don't discuss "the how"). 


2. Do you have partners or team members who are willing & able to work with you on the idea?

Entrepreneurs and innovators with partners & team members with complementary skill sets have a much greater opportunity for success. Not only do partners share responsibilities, they also help celebrate success.

3. Have you fallen in love with the problem you are trying to solve?

It is important to be open to fully understanding the problem or need and testing ideas before committing to only one solution. Even when the concept is more fully developed, many entrepreneurs discover that there is a much greater value in something different than they originally envisioned.

 4. Are you ready to test your idea on a small scale?

Entrepreneurs who skip this step, and are overly confident that customers will purchase a product before testing it, run the serious risk of expensive failure.

5. Are you open to coaching and mentorship?

Successful entrepreneurs & innovators are open-minded & receptive to feedback & learning from others.

If you answered YES to ALL of the above questions, you are ready proceed to the application process.

What Funding is Available?

Catalyst Fund (Note: At the present time, this funding is available ONLY to PDC/NBSPRN Program Participants or by invitation only)

Up to $5000. For early-stage market validation and engagement.

Up to $1000. For students to test ideas.

Includes Fail Forward Fund


Ignition Fund (Note: This fund is available by invitation only)

Up to $10,000. For business model development and MVP prototyping.

Includes Fail Forward Fund


Saint John Internship Fund (This fund is available by invitation only)
Up to $2000. For early-stage companies, to provide funding support for  students including SAP interns under a pilot-program in Saint John.

NouLAB Prototype Fund (Note: this fund is available only to NouLAB program participants.)

Up to $5000 for NouLAB teams to prototype ideas to address complex issues.



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